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Demisto SDK Guide

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Demisto SDK Guide

Contributions to the Demisto SDK are welcome. There are multiple ways to contribute:

  • Create new commands

  • Improve existing implementation

  • Fix bugs

  • Improve documentation


Before contributing to the Demisto SDK, verify you have the following:

  • An active GitHub account

  • A fork of the demisto-sdk repository

  • The forked repository cloned on your local machine or a GitHub Codespace

  • Python 3 and poetry installed

  • Docker installed

How to Contribute

Before you contributing, you need a local development environment or a GitHub Codespace. Once you have an environment, the development process includes adding or modifying code, adding unit tests, and documenting the changes. After your changes are complete, you can open a pull request to push the changes into the next release of the Demisto SDK.