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Demisto SDK Guide

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Demisto SDK Guide

How to install the Demisto SDK or upgrade it if it is already installed.


  • Python 3.8, 3.9, or 3.10

  • git installed

  • A machine running Linux, macOS, or WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux)


    Windows users should run Demisto SDK commands through WSL2 or a container.


If you already implemented the development setup bootstrap process you don't need to install the SDK manually since it is installed for you on your virtual environment.

These installation steps are only required if you are not working with the bootstrap or if you are working on a repository which is not part of the content repository. To manually install the Demisto SDK, enter your terminal and run the following commands:

  1. If you already have the SDK installed, verify which version of the SDK is installed. You can also check the latest version number.

    demisto-sdk -v

  2. If you have the SDK installed, but it is not the latest version, upgrade.

    pip3 install --upgrade demisto-sdk

  3. If you do not have the SDK installed, install the library and upgrade.

    pip3 install demisto-sdk

  4. For the validate and format commands to work correctly, install node.js, and verify @mdx-js/mdxfs-extra and commander are installed in node-modules folder npm install .... Set the DEMISTO_README_VALIDATION environment variable to True.

    MDX is used to validate markdown files, and to ensure they render properly on Cortex XSOAR/Cortex XSIAM and

  5. Restart your terminal.