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The Cortex XDR Agent app for iOS has the following requirements.



Operating system versions

This version of Cortex XDR Agent requires iOS 15.0 or later on the mobile device. In general, to determine the minimum Cortex XDR release for a specific operating system, refer to the The Palo Alto Networks Compatibility Matrix.

Device permissions

Device permissions are required for correct operation of the Cortex XDR Agent app.

  • Notifications

  • Location

    (only mandatory for stationary iOS-based devices mapped to a policy that raises events when a device is moved from its designated location)

  • Background App Refresh (enabled by default. May be off in low power mode).

Enable Extensions

These extensions should be enabled during onboarding.

  • SMS/Call reporting

  • Call blocking and identification

  • SMS filtering

Cortex XDR widget

To ensure correct app behaviors, ensure that you use the Cortex XDR widget on the device.


If any of the permissions are not allowed, Cortex XDR shows Partially Protected on the Home screen.

The Cortex XDR agent for iOS is not FedRamp compliant.