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The Cortex XDR administrator must send a link to download the app from the Apple App Store. The download link provides access to the app, which is otherwise hidden in the App Store, and a unique Distribution ID. The Distribution ID contains the pairing code that is required to connect the app to the Cortex XDR server.

  1. Refer to the instructions and links sent to you by your Cortex XDR administrator.

  2. The Onboarding wizard takes you through the required permission settings. For full protection, agree to authorize the permissions, allow notifications, and allow location following.

    1. The install wizard opens Settings. Set Location to Always.

    2. In Notifications, find Call Blocking Notifications, enable Cortex XDR and return to the setup.

    3. The install wizard opens Settings, find Unknown and Spam messages and enable for Cortex XDRCortex XDR.

If all the permissions required are granted and call blocking is enabled the Cortex XDRHome screen will show the status Protected.

For full protection, these notifications and settings must be allowed and enabled. If any of the notifications are disabled, Cortex XDR Home screen will show Partially Protected.

During onboarding, the user will grant location permission. However, it should be noted that when the Corder XDR app is running in the background, iOS will inform the user with another pop up that "Cortex XDR has been using your location in the background". When this popup is shown, the user must answer Always Allow. If the user does not grant this Always allow permission, the App will change to the Partially Protected operational status.

In such a state, the Open Permissions Wizard will appear under the Cortex XDR logo. Tapping the button shows instructions to the user on how to grant the required permissions and enable the required extensions.


Manual startup of the Cortex XDR Agent app is required after every restart of the iOS device.