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Cortex XDR App for Android Administrator Guide

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Administrator Guide

Learn about the tasks required prior to and during installation of the Cortex XDR agent app for Android.

Prepare for Cortex XDR Agent App Installation (administrator task)

The Cortex XDR administrator prepares the installation package from Cortex XDR, and then sends a link with installation instructions to the endpoint Android device user. This link contains the Distribution ID required to associate the app with the Cortex XDR tenant.

  1. Create the agent installation package.

    1. From Cortex XDR, select EndpointsAgent Installations.

    2. Create a new installation package.

    3. Enter a unique Name and an optional Description to identify the installation package.

      The package Name must be no more than 100 characters and can contain letters, numbers, hyphens, underscores, commas, and spaces.

    4. For Package Type, select Standalone Installers.

    5. For Platform, select Android, and optionally, add a Description.

    6. Create the package.

    Cortex XDR prepares the installation package and makes it available on the Agent Installations page.

  2. Prepare the information for the endpoint user.

    1. Prepare an email or text message for the endpoint user.

    2. From EndpointsAgent Installations, when the status of the package shows Completed, right-click, and click View Installation Links.

    3. Copy the installation link and paste it in the email/text message.

      For example:

  3. Copy the following instructions to the message, and send the message to the endpoint user.

    1. From your Android device, open the download link for the Cortex XDR agent app.

    2. Note

      This link accesses the Cortex XDR app in the Google Play Store. Do not attempt to open this link in a browser.

    3. Install the app.

    4. When installation is complete, open the app.

    5. Enter your Username.

    6. Activate the app. If you are prompted to change Android settings on your device, such as missing permissions, follow the on-screen instructions.

      Your device is now activated and connected to the Cortex XDR server.

    7. Scan your device now, using Scan Now.

    8. (Optional) Configure additional app settings. From the home page, open the menu at the top left, and then select Settings. From this area, you can configure settings such as your preferred Language and preferences for Notifications that Cortex XDR displays.

Install the Cortex XDR Agent App on your Android Device (endpoint user task)

The Cortex XDR administrator must send a link to download the app from the Google Play Store. The download link provides access to the app, which is otherwise hidden in the Google Play Store, and a unique Distribution ID. The Distribution ID contains the pairing code that is required to connect the app to the Cortex XDR server.

  • Follow the instructions sent to you by your Cortex XDR administrator.