Failed Login For Locked-Out Account

Cortex XDR Analytics Alert Reference by Alert name

Cortex XDR
Last date published
Analytics Alert Reference
Alert name


Activation Period

14 Days

Training Period

30 Days

Test Period

N/A (single event)

Deduplication Period

1 Day

Required Data

  • Requires one of the following data sources:
    • Palo Alto Networks Platform Logs
    • XDR Agent

Detection Modules

ATT&CK Tactic

Defense Evasion (TA0005)

ATT&CK Technique

Valid Accounts (T1078)




A locked-out user account (event ID 4725 or 4740) was used in a Kerberos TGT pre-authentication attempt.

Attacker's Goals

Authenticate using the principal in the TGT, not knowing that it has been revoked.

Investigative actions

  • Check whether you have issues with your Cloud Identity Engine failing to sync data from Active Directory.
  • Check whether the attempt to use the principals (user accounts) specified in the alert are legitimate. For example, a user or a script that was not updated that the account has been revoked.
  • The lockout can be temporary, for example, in the case of too many login attempts, and may not be visible after the account was released.
  • Search for Windows Event Log 4740 to ascertain whether the account was locked out during the time of the alert.