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Cortex XDR Compatibility Matrix

Cortex XDR
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Cortex XDR and Traps agent are installed on supported physical and virtual endpoints. The Traps agent is incorporated in Cortex XDR agent since release 7.0.

Palo Alto Networks strives to support the latest major operating systems. When a new operating system is available, there may be a short delay in our support as we test interoperability.

Until a Cortex XDR agent release reaches its end-of-life status, Palo Alto Networks provides the following support:

  • Microsoft operating systems are supported for three years beyond the end of Microsoft support.

  • Other operating systems are supported until they reach end-of-life.

  • The Cortex XDR agents for macOS and 32-bit Windows are not FedRamp compliant.

  • For Android, Palo Alto Networks always supports the latest Cortex XDR agent app that is available on the Google Play Store regardless of the app release date. An agent version that is no longer on Google Play will be supported for one year after the date of its release.