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Administrator Guide

Learn how to create a Microsoft Azure image file of your Cortex XDR Broker virtual machine (VM).

After you download your Cortex XDR Broker VHD (Azure) image, you need to upload it to Azure as a storage blob.


Download a Cortex XDR Broker VM VHD (Azure) image. For more information, see the virtual machine compatability requirements in Configure the Broker VM.

Perform the following procedures in the order listed below.

Make sure you extract the zipped hard disk file on a server that has more then 512 GB of free space.


Extraction can take up to a few hours.

Upload from Microsoft Windows or Ubuntu.

  1. In the Azure home page, navigate to Azure servicesDisks and Add a new disk.

  2. Navigate to the Create a managed diskBasics page, and define the following information:

  3. Check you settings by clicking Review + create.

  1. Create your Broker VM disk, and after deployment is complete, click Go to resource.

  2. In your created Disks page, click Create VM.

  3. In the Create a virtual machine page, define the following:

  4. To check your settings, click Review + create.

  5. Create your VM.

    After deployment is complete, click Go to resource. You are directed to your VM page.


    Creating the VM can take up to 15 minutes. The Broker VM Web UI is not accessible during this time.