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Learn how to send push notifications to an iOS endpoint.

You can push a notification to the Cortex XDR agent on the iOS device from the Cortex XDR management console.

Navigate to EndpointsAll Endpoints and locate the required iOS device or devices.

Right-click and select from Endpoint Control, Send Push Notification.

Select one of the following notifications to send to the agent.



Device Checkup

When the App user taps the received notification, the Cortex XDR app will open on the device, ready to perform the checkup.

Tap Perform Check Up to initiate a device checkup.

Verify App Permissions

If the Phone permissions are not set correctly for full protection, the user is instructed to allow permission.

The App user must tap Open Permissions Wizard from the iOS device Home screen and follow the wizard to enable and allow the required settings for full protection.

Custom message

Admin can send a message with a header and body text to designated Cortex XDR App users. The App user will receive this textual message.