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Cortex XDR Pro Administrator Guide

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Administrator Guide

Learn how to activate Cortex XDR after it has been deployed for your network.

To activate and manage user permissions of your Cortex XDR tenants, Cortex XDR operates as a standalone application known as the Gateway.

The Gateway allows you to:

  • Activate new tenants.

  • View and manage existing tenants and tenants available for activation that are allocated to your Customer Support Portal (CSP) account.

  • View and manage granular role-based access control (RBAC) settings.


The sizing calculator is managed on the hub.

Activating a Cortex XDR tenant is a one-time task you’ll need to perform when you first start using Cortex XDR. After you’ve activated your Cortex XDR tenant—and completed all the steps described in the Setup Overview section—you’ll only need to repeat the activation if you want to add additional Cortex XDR tenants.

The following are prerequisites to activate Cortex XDR:

  • Locate the email that contains your activation information.

  • Ensure you have CSP Super User role permissions to your existing administrator accounts. This role cannot be removed or changed through the Gateway.