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Administrator Guide

You can configure the Cortex XDR Collector upgrade scheduler and the number of parallel upgrades. There can be a maximum of 500 parallel upgrades scheduled in a week, which is the default configuration at any time of day.

To define the XDR Collector upgrade scheduler and number of parallel upgrades.

  1. In Cortex XDR , select SettingsConfigurationsXDR CollectorsConfigurations.

  2. Set the XDR Collectors Configurations settings.

    • Amount of Parallel Upgrades—Specify the number of parallel upgrades, where the maximum number is 500 (default).

    • Days in Week—Select the specific days in the week that you want the upgrade to occur, where the default is configured as every day in the week.

    • Schedule—Select whether you want the upgrade to be at Any time (default) or at a Specific time. When setting a specific time, you can set the From and To times.

  3. Click Save.