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After you download your Cortex XDR Broker VM QCOW2 image, you need to upload it to a Nutanix hypervisor. The Nutanix AHV 2021 version is supported.

To create a Broker VM image for a Nutanix hypervisor:

  1. Upload the downloaded QCOW2 image file to a Nutanix hypervisor.

    1. Select Compute & StorageImages, and click Add Image.

    2. In the Add Images page, ensure the Image Source is set to Image File, and click +Add File.

    3. Select the downloaded QCOW2 file and click Open. Additional fields related to the QCOW2 file are automatically displayed in the Add Image page, where the Name and Type of file are automatically populated.

    4. (Optional) Define the rest of the fields displayed for the QCOW2 file.

    5. Click Next.

    6. Select the location by defining the Placement Method and Select Clusters settings.

    7. Click Save.

      The image is now listed in the list of images.


      Saving the image to Nutanix hypervisor can take time as it’s a large file.

  2. Create a new virtual machine (VM).

    1. Select Hamburger menuCompute & StorageVMs, and click Create VM.

    2. In the Create VM screen, set the following Configuration fields.

      • Name—Specify a name for the new VM.

      • Description(Optional) Specify a description to identify the VM.

      • Number of VMs—Select the number of VMs you want to create. The default is set to 1.

      • VM Properties

        • CPU—Select 4 CPUs.

        • Cores per CPU—Select the number of cores to create for each CPU. The default number is 1.

        • Memory—Select 8GB as the allotted memory for the VM.

    3. Click Next.

    4. Set the Resources fields.

      • DisksAttach Disk and set the following field settings.

        • Type—Leave the default Disk type.

        • Operation—Select Clone from Image.

        • Image—Select the QCOW2 image file that you uploaded.

        • Capacity—Specify the capacity of the image file as 512 GB.

        • Bus Type—Leave the default SCUI selected.

        When you finish, click Save.

      • NetworksAttach to Subnet and set the following field settings.

        • Subnet—Select the subnet from the list.

        • Network Connection State—Leave the default Connected option selected.

        When you finish, click Save.

      • Boot Configuration—Leave the default Legacy BIOS Mode selected.

    5. Click Next.

    6. Set the Management fields, where you can leave the default settings for the various fields.

    7. Click Next.

    8. Click Create VM.

      The VM is now listed in the list of VMs.


      Creating the VM can take up to 15 minutes. The Broker VM Web user interface is not accessible during this time.

  3. Review the VM details for connecting to the VM.

    Select Summary and you can use the IP Addresses and Host IP listed to connect to the VM.