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The dashboard in the management console is the primary monitoring page that gives you an overview of incidents in your network. The dashboard appears after you log in.


The dashboard comprises dashboard widgets that summarize information about your endpoint in graphical or tabular format. From the dashboard header, a drop-down menu lists all Predefined and Custom dashboards. On the right of the header you can select the Time Range for the dashboard . An indicator shows the time that the dashboard was last updated, if the data is not up-to-date you can Refresh all widget data.

You can also select widget specific timeframes from the menu on an XQL widget. If you select a different timeframe for a widget, a clock icon is displayed.

If you are viewing a dashboard with dynamic parameters and filters configured, the dashboard header displays the defined filters. If dashboard drilldowns are defined, you can click on data points, table rows, or other visualization elements to see interactive data insights. For more information, see Using Dashboard Filters, Inputs, and Drilldowns.


Use the toggle in the Setting section of the navigation bar to switch the interface between light and dark settings.