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From EndpointsAll Endpoints, you can view the upgrade status of any Cortex XDR agent that you manage.

From the Cortex XDR management console, you have full visibility into the XDR agent upgrade status on the endpoint. You can monitor the Cortex XDR agent statuses in EndpointsAll Endpoints. If the upgrade status fields are missing, add them. XDR agents report upgrade statuses as follows:



Last upgrade status

Displays the last upgrade status for each endpoint, and can be filtered by:

  • In Progress—This is the first stage shown when an upgrade is initiated (There is no Pending status).

  • Completed Successfully

  • Failed

  • No Upgrade—No upgrade of any type has been initiated for the endpoint. Newly installed endpoints will also show this status until an upgrade is initiated by one of the upgrade methods.

Last upgrade status time

Displays a timestamp for the last time the upgrade status changed for each endpoint. This column can be filtered by date and time.

Last upgrade failure reason

When relevant, displays the reason for an upgrade failure. This column can be filtered by free text.

Last upgrade source

Displays the source that initiated the last upgrade, and can be filtered by the following:

  • Manual Server Upgrade—The upgrade was manually initiated from the server.

  • Auto Upgrade—The endpoint was automatically upgraded according to the upgrade policy.

  • Local Manual Upgrade—The upgrade was manually initiated at the endpoint side.