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Configure proxy communication between the Cortex XDR server and the Cortex XDR agents.

You can configure communication through proxy servers between the Cortex XDR server and the Cortex XDR agents running on Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints. The Cortex XDR agent uses the proxy settings defined as part of the Internet & Network settings or WPAD protocol on the endpoint. You can also configure a list of proxy servers that your Cortex XDR agent will use to communicate with the Cortex XDR server.

Cortex XDR supports the following types of proxy configurations:

  • System-wide proxy—Use system wide proxy to send all communication on the endpoint including to and from the Cortex XDR agent through a proxy server configured for the endpoint. Cortex XDR supports proxy communication for proxy settings defined explicitly on the endpoint, as well as proxy settings configured in a proxy auto-config (PAC) file.

  • Application-specific proxy—(Available with Traps agent 5.0.9, Traps agent 6.1.2, and Cortex XDR agent 7.0 and later releases) Configure a Cortex XDR specific proxy that applies only to the Cortex XDR agent and does not enforce proxy communications with other apps or services on your endpoint. You can set up to five proxy servers either during the Cortex XDR agent installation process, or following agent installation, directly from the Cortex XDR management console.

    If the endpoints in your environment are not connected directly to the internet, you can deploy the Broker VM.

Application-specific proxy configurations take precedence over system-wide proxy configurations. The Cortex XDR agent retrieves the proxy list defined on the endpoint and tries to establish communication with the Cortex XDR server first through app-specific proxies. Then, if communication is unsuccessful, the agent tries to connect using the system-wide proxy, if defined. If none are defined, the Cortex XDR agent attempts communication with the Cortex XDR server directly. The Cortex XDR agent does not support proxy communication in environments where proxy authentication is required.