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The Quick Launcher provides a quick, in-context shortcut that you can use to search for information, perform common investigation tasks, or initiate response actions from any place in Cortex XDR. The tasks that you can perform with the Quick Launcher include:

  • Search for host, username, IP address, domain, filename, filepath, timestamp to easily launch the artifact and assets views.


    For hosts, Cortex XDR displays results for exact matches but supports the use of wildcard (*) which changes the search to return matches that contain the specified text. For example, a search of compy-7* will return any hosts beginning with compy-7 such as compy-7000, compy-7abc, and so forth.

  • Search in the Asset Inventory table for a specific Asset Name or IP address. In addition, 2 actions are available when searching for Asset Inventory data.

    • Change search to <host name of asset> to display additional actions related to that host. This option is only relevant when searching for an IP address that is connected to an asset.

    • Open in Asset Inventory is a pivot available when the host name of an asset is selected.

  • Begin Go To mode. Enter forward slash (/) followed by your search string to filter and navigate to Cortex XDR pages. For example, / rules searches for all pages that include rules and allows you to navigate to those pages. Select Esc to exit Go To mode.

  • Add a processes by SHA256 hash to the allow list or block list

  • Add domains or IP addresses to the EDL block list

  • Create a new IOC for an IP address, domain, hash, filename, or filepath

  • Isolate an endpoint

  • Open a terminal to a given endpoint

  • Initiate a malware scan on an endpoint

You can bring up the Quick Launcher either using the default keyboard shortcut— Ctrl-Shift+X on Windows or CMD+Shift+X on macOS, by using the Quick Launcher icon located in the top navigation bar, or from the application menus. To change the default keyboard shortcut, select Settings ConfigurationsGeneralServer SettingsKeyboard Shortcuts. The shortcut value must be a keyboard letter, A through Z, and cannot be the same as the Artifact and Asset Views defined shortcut.

You can also prepopulate searches in Quick Launcher by selecting text in the app or selecting a node in the Causality or Timeline Views.

By default, Cortex XDR opens the Quick Launcher in the center of the page. To change the default position, drag the Quick Launcher to another preferred location. The next time you open the Quick Launcher, it opens in the previous location. To close the Quick Launcher, click Esc or click out of the Quick Launcher dialog.