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Learning more about changing the role of the current Primary node in a HA cluster.

You can manually change the role of the current Primary node in a high availability (HA) cluster from both the Brokers tab and Clusters tab of the Broker VMs page.

There are various reasons for changing the role of the current Primary node to another node in the HA cluster, for example, to perform maintenance, by initiating a manual switchover.

The option is only available for a Primary node, and only if there is another available standby node that is connected in the cluster.

  1. Select SettingsConfigurationsData BrokerBroker VMs.

  2. In either the Brokers tab or Clusters tab, right-click a Primary Broker VM node, and select Switchover.

  3. If multiple standby nodes are connected in the cluster, select the node that you want to change to Primary in the Select broker menu. When only one standby node is configured, skip this step.

  4. Click Switchover.

    When the switchover is completed, the roles of the node are switched. The new node is designated as Primary and the old node becomes a standby node. In addition, a notification is added to the Notification Center.