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Administrator Guide

Manage and investigate alerts in the Cortex XDR management console.

When the Cortex XDR management console displays a new alert on the Alerts page, use the following steps to investigate and triage the alert:

  1. Review the data shown in the alert such as the command-line arguments (CMD), process info, etc.

    For more information about the alert fields, see Alerts.

  2. Analyze the chain of execution in the Causality View.

    When the app correlates an alert with additional endpoint data, the Alerts table displays a green dot to the left of the alert row to indicate the alert is eligible for analysis in the Causality View. If the alert has a gray dot, the alert is not eligible for analysis in the Causality View. This can occur when there is no data collected for an event, or the app has not yet finished processing the EDR data. To view the reason analysis is not available, hover over the gray dot.

  3. Review the Timeline View of the sequence of events over time.

    The timeline is available for alerts that have been stitched with endpoint data.

  4. If deemed malicious, consider responding by isolating the endpoint from the network.

  5. Remediate the endpoint and return the endpoint from isolation.

  6. Inspect the information again to identify any behavioral details that you can use to Create a BIOC Rule and Create a Correlation Rule.

    If you can create a BIOC or Correlation rule, test and tune the logic for the rule, and then save it.