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Learn more about the Cortex Query Language comp approx_count approximate aggregate comp function.

comp approx_count(<field>) [as <alias>] [by <field1>[,<field2>...]] [addrawdata = true|false as <target field>]

The approx_count approximate aggregate is a comp function that counts the number of distinct values in the given field, and returns an approximate result as a single interger value, for all records that contain matching values for the fields identified in the by clause. Use this approximate aggregate function to produce approximate results, instead of exact results used with regular aggregate functions, which are more scalable in terms of memory usage and time.

In addition, you can configure whether the raw data events are displayed by setting addrawdata to either true or false (default), which are used to configure the final comp results. When including raw data events in your query, the query runs for up to 50 fields that you define and displays up to 100 events.


Returns a single integer value after approximately counting the number of distinct values in the event_id field.

dataset = xdr_data
| fields event_id
| comp approx_count(event_id)