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Overview of the Compliance Assessment dashboard.

The Compliance Assessment dashboard provides information about how Issues identified by Xpanse impact standard compliance controls. You can filter the dashboard using the dropdown menu to show compliance violation information for the following compliance frameworks:

  • NIST 800-53

  • CMMC L1-L5

  • NIST 800-171


At the top of the Compliance Assessment dashboard are additional dashboard filters, the Share Dashboard button, and Last Updated date.

  • Use the dropdown filters to filter the data in the Compliance Assessment dashboard by Business Unit, Tag, and Provider.

  • Click Share Dashboard to copy the link to the dashboard, including your current filter settings, to your clipboard.

  • Last Updated provides the date of the most recent refresh for the dashboard data. Changes to data may take 24 hours to appear in the dashboard.

The Compliance Assessment dashboard includes the following widgets:

  • Potential Violations by Priority Donut Chart—Potential compliance assessment violations by Issue priority.

    • Drill down to the issues page with preset filters by clicking on any of the numbers in the chart

  • Potential Violations by Business Unit—Break down of potential violations by business unit.

  • Potential Violations by Tags—Break down of potential violations by tags.

  • Potential Control Violations Detail Table—Shows Control Families within the assessment framework that shows counts of violations by Issue priority and which way those counts are trending.

    • Trends for counts are based on the change in the last seven days.

    • If you hover over the number, it will describe the trend and change over the seven-day period.

    • The counts here WILL NOT match the counts in Issues. One issue can account for multiple compliance violations.

    • All numbers in the table can be drilled into which takes the User to the Issues module with preset filters based on the count they selected to investigate

    • Each Control Family can be drilled into for a more granular break down by Control where all charts will be adjusted to reflect only the counts/metrics associated with that Control Family.

  • Top Assets with Issues—Lists the ten assets with the most compliance violations, and includes the following information:

    • Violations—Total number of violations for that asset

    • Controls Impacted—The list of controls impacted by those violations

    • Total Issues—The total number of issues for that asset. Clicking the Total Issues count displays the Issues list filtered by the IP address or domain of the asset.

    • Issue Priority—The breakdown of issues by priority. Clicking an Issue Priority number displays the Issue list filtered by the IP address or domain of the asset and the issue priority.