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Cortex Xpanse Assess User Guide

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Cortex Xpanse Assess is a point-in-time assessment of your attack surface.

Cortex Xpanse Assess provides a point-in-time assessment of your organization’s attack surface. Each assessment is based on data collected from a seven-day period, and you can run new assessments as needed from within the Cortex Xpanse web application. Assess is a yearly subscription product; unused assessments expire at the end of the year.

Assess can be used to track, validate, and report on unknown risks, reducing your overall Mean Time To Inventory (MTTI) and overall risk. Typical use cases for Xpanse Assess include the following:

  • Identify perimeter risk—Red Team and Blue Teams can use Xpanse Assess to identify their unknown unknowns and improve efficiency of their pen-testing programs.

  • Improve risk ratings—Xpanse Assess provides a granular visibility to identify assets violating policies and as a consequence improve risk scores.

  • Identify exposure to CVEs—Security teams can enable pre-built policies to quickly identify their exposures against the different CVEs.

  • Verify remediation programs—Xpanse Assess shows your team an automated before and after view to help you validate your remediation efforts.

  • Adversary’s view of your attack surface—Xpanse Assess helps organizations get an attacker’s view of their attack surface.

See Cortex Xpanse and Cortex Xpanse Products for more information about the Cortex Xpanse attack surface management platform and products.