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The Home Page dashboard in Cortex Xpanse addresses key attack surface management use cases, including the following:

  • Review your network inventory distribution for both Cloud and On Prem Assets

  • Track your highest priority issues and how they are trending over time

  • Quickly access issues associated with recent CVEs and see new policies that Cortex Xpanse has released

  • Understand how your On Prem issues are geolocated across the globe

  • Highlight your riskiest cloud provider based on the percentage of issues it's carrying relative to all of the issues and misconfigurations across your cloud footprint

  • Track the issue types that are being remediated by users across the network

  • Drill into your Shadow IT by customizing your approved providers, domain registrars, and certificate issuers

  • Review certificate issues across your network

  • Monitor Unclaimed S3 buckets that could leave you vulnerable to subdomain hijacking

In addition to providing a broad overview of your attack surface, the Home Page dashboard also provides the ability to drill down into the details for all of data that is displayed.

For more details about the Cortex Xpanse Home Page dashboard, see the following topics: