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The first step to remediation is understanding the Issues that Cortex Xpanse surfaces.

For some issues, Cortex Xpanse provides remediation guidance, which is a set of high-level, actionable steps recommended by Cortex Xpanse for remediating the issue. You can find the remediation guidance in the How to Remediate section of the issue details page for an issue.


Although not all issues have remediation guidance yet, Cortex Xpanse will continue to add guidance to additional issues in future releases.

For issues that do not have remediation guidance, consider your remediation solution approaches. At the most basic level, remediation requires one of the following actions:

  • Blocking access to the asset via a firewall rule update.

  • Changing the configuration of the asset to no longer expose the port or protocol, such as disabling RDP, SSH, or Telnet.

  • Modifying the configuration to protect the exposed port or protocol better, such as encrypting FTP.

  • Updating or applying a patch to the software to fix a vulnerable software version.