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Issues are the problems identified by Cortex Xpanse within Services and Assets. These Assets are the inventory of items that Cortex Xpanse attributes to your organization. Assets include domains, certificates, IP ranges, and services attributed to your organization. Services are the inventory of all responsive software and devices that attributed to your organization, some of which may be well configured and secure, and others which may exhibit evidence of problems — which are flagged as Issues.

Issues and Assets may not be in a 1:1 relationship. An Asset may have multiple Issues and an Issue can have multiple associated assets. Cortex Xpanse continuously monitors for changes in existing Issues and the existence of new Issues. When looking for new Issues, Cortex Xpanse looks both for the presence of Issues with inherently risky services, such as Telnet, and for evidence on otherwise routine – typically non-risky – services, such as a web server, that indicate potential security problems.