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The Report Center provides a running list of all your Cortex Xpanse reports.

The Reports tab in the Cortex Xpanse application is the home of the Report Center. The Report Center is where you can access CSV exports and other reports that you have initiated on any page in Xpanse. For example, if you click Export CSV on the Issues or Assets tab, that CSV report will appear in the Report Center. When you generate a smaller report (one that takes 5 seconds or less to generate), the report will download directly to your downloads folder as soon as it is ready. For larger reports, you will receive a notification in the application that the report has been initiated and an email notification when the report is ready to download. Both small and large reports can also be downloaded from the Report Center as soon as the Status in Report Center shows as Completed and the download icon (download-widget-icon.png)is displayed.

The Report Center provides a running list of all the reports generated by Xpanse users in your organization. For each report in the list, Report Center displays the Report Type, the list of filters that were applied when the report was initiated, report Status, and other information. A download icon appears next to the report when it has reached the Completed status.