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Cortex Xpanse Assess User Guide

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Cortex Xpanse Assess provides an Assessment Activity log that displays the assessment usage history for your organization.

  1. In the Cortex Xpanse Assess application, click the assessment balance that appears to the right of Balance: on the Assessment bar.


    The Assessment Activity log displays.


    The Assessment Activity log includes the following information about each assessment your organization has initiated:

    • User Name—The user who initiated the assessment.

    • Reason—The reason for the assessment that was provided when the assessment was initiated.

    • Data Requested—Date the assessment was initiated.

    • Date Refreshed—Date the assessment was successfully completed.

    • Status—Possible values are In Progress or Completed.

    • Validity Period—The one-year period for which a set of assessments is valid. The validity period begins on the date of product activation. Unused assessments expire at the end of the validity period and will not carry over to the next year.

  2. Optionally, click Export CSV to download the assessment activity log as a CSV file.