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Cortex Xpanse Release Notes

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The following table describes the new features in Cortex Xpanse December 2021 releases.



New login page design

Cortex Xpanse has updated the design of the Expander login page.

Self-Service Client Credentials

Cortex Xpanse Expander now supports generating and revoking Client Credentials directly through the UI. See Generate Client Credentials for more information.

Expander API documentation has moved to the Palo Alto Networks Developer Docs website

Expander API documentation can now be found at https://cortex.pan.dev/. Our old API documentation links have been updated to redirect to this new location.

Toggle between On Prem and Cloud on the Home Page map widget

You can now toggle between On Prem and Cloud issues on the Home Page map widget.

Support for Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft Edge is now a fully supported browser for Cortex Xpanse Expander.

New issue policies

  • Citrix SD-WAN

  • Citrix Hypervisor

  • Insecure TLS - Strict

  • Insecure TLS policy was updated

  • OGW Non-Compliant Issue policy was updated

  • Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus MSP

  • Java Application

  • VMWare Workspace ONE Access Server

  • VMware vCenter and VMware vSphere policy updates

  • VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

  • Netis Router

  • Prisma Cloud

  • Citrix XenServer

  • Fortinet FortiOS

  • MobileIron Sentry

  • Zoho ManageEngine AssetExplorer

  • Updates to the Zoho ServiceDesk Plus Policy

New issue policies to identify specific versions of software known to be vulnerable to log4j CVEs


These policies detect specific versions of each piece of software that are known to be vulnerable, but will not be able to comprehensively detect ALL vulnerable instances.

  • Log4Shell-Vulnerable VMware Workspace ONE Access Server

  • Log4Shell-Vulnerable IBM WebSphere Application Server

  • Log4Shell-Vulnerable Apache Solr

  • Log4Shell-Vulnerable SonicWall Email Security