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Cortex Xpanse Release Notes

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The following table describes new features in the Cortex Xpanse July 2021 release.



New Issue Policies

  • Kaseya VSA

  • Cisco Unified Computing System

  • 2xx Software Development Environment

  • Teamviewer

  • Dell Wyse Management Suite

  • Cisco HyperFlex

  • Insecure Microsoft IIS Server – updated the versions captured by this policy

  • Microsoft IIS Server

  • Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)

  • A10 Networks Thunder Application Delivery Controller (ADC)

  • SolarWinds Serv-U

  • Axis Network Camera

  • Oracle PeopleSoft PeopleTools

  • Oracle PeopleSoft (other)

  • DZS Dasan Router

Update to the IP Ranges API

The IP Ranges API has been rewritten and replaced, which should result in significantly faster performance for larger users.

Update to Related Registration Records

On the details page for a custom IP range, the Related Registration Records section will display the related registration records for specified custom range only. It will no longer display the registration records for the entire parent range.

Update default filtering for Services

Directly Discovered is now the default Discovery Method filter for Services.

Addition of Has Issue column and filter to Domains and Certificates tabs

A new filter called Has Issue has been added to the Assets>Certificates and Assets>Domains tabs. These links in the Issue column click through to the Issues page with a filter applied by asset. This functionality will be coming to IP Ranges in the future.

Exact searching for domains in Issues and Services modules

You can now search for an exact match for domain names on the Issues and Services pages by placing your query in quotes. For example, searches for “example.com” will return only matches for example.com and will NOT return results such as subdomain.example.com. This update is accessible via UI and API.

Addition of "Has Issue" column and filter to Domains and Certificates

NIST 800-53 Compliance Assessments dashboard now includes additional policies that we have been releasing to Expander as well as updates to mappings for previous policies in an effort to make the data more operational.