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Cortex Xpanse Release Notes

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The following table describes new features in the Cortex Xpanse June 2021 release.



New Issue Policies

  • Networking Infrastructure (updated)

  • PhpRedis Login Portal

  • Apache ActiveMQ

  • Nagios Core

  • Nagios XI

  • Squid Web Proxy

  • Hadoop Server

  • Insecure Python Applications

  • Cisco Content Security Management Appliance

  • Dnsmasq

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager

  • Cross Domain Sightings Policy

  • Oracle E-Business Suite

Unmanaged Cloud feature availability

The Unmanaged Cloud feature is now available to all customers. The Unmanaged Cloud Overview dashboard will also be displayed for all customers, but will not have any data until a Prisma API key has been added.

Update Select All to always be visible in drop-down menus

Updated the Issue Type and Service Classification drop-down menus to improve filtering. With this change, the All Options selection at the top of the drop-down is always visible, eliminating the need to scroll to the top of the list to select or deselect it.

Registrant and Issuer Filters

A new filter was added to the Assets>Domains page for Domain Registrar and a new filter was added to the Assets>Certificates page for Certificate Issuers. You can now drill down from the Attack Surface Overview dashboard to those two modules.

Account ID filter for Cloud Resources

A new filter was added to the Assets>Managed Cloud Resources page for CSP account IDs, enabling cloud resources to be filtered by the originating account for the resource.

Default list view size

The default list views (Issues, Services, Policies, etc.) have been updated to show 50 per page, instead of 20.

Tech Partners Page

Palo Alto Networks Tech Partners site is the new home for our third-party integration documentation.