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The following table lists the new features in the March 2022 release of Cortex Xpanse Assess.



Introducing Cortex Xpanse Assess

Xpanse Assess is a software-as-a-service web application that provides a comprehensive, point-in-time assessment of your organization’s attack surface. Xpanse Assess enables you to run new assessments as needed from within the Cortex Xpanse web application. APIs and integrations are not included with Assess.

Xpanse Assess uses the Cortex Xpanse platform, which collects and correlates active and passive information about every device and service connected to the public Internet. Using this information, Cortex Xpanse attributes assets to specific organizations, identifying weaknesses in your organization’s known infrastructure and helping you discover and protect previously unknown Internet-connected systems.

Cortex Xpanse provides four key modules that enable organizations to track and secure their internet-facing assets and infrastructure.

  • Assets —The Assets module provides an inventory of all internet assets that Expanse has attributed to an organization, including their IP ranges, certificates, domains, and cloud resources.

  • Services —The Services module provides an inventory of all software and services that are connected to the public-facing internet including observable details about software versions, configurations, and framework technologies.

  • Issues —The Issues module and the flexible Policy Engine identify security and configuration problems within an organization's Assets and Services, providing a workflow where analysts can investigate, prioritize, track their efforts to remediate outstanding problems, and independently confirm they have been corrected.

  • Dashboards —The Dashboards module provides reporting on the current and historical state of an organization's Assets, Services, and Issues, giving insight into trends and helping leaders identify key topics and business units to focus on to improve the security posture of their organization.

See the Cortex Xpanse Assess User Guide for more information.