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Administrator Guide

Search for and download content packs and receive content pack updates in the Marketplace.

In the Marketplace, you can search for new content packs to install by integration, categories, etc., when you search and navigate in the Marketplace. Before you install a content pack you should review the content pack to see what it includes and any dependencies. For more information, see Content Pack Installation.

Content Pack Updates

Content packs are updated for bug fixes, enhancements, and so on. When there is an update available for a content pack, you will see notifications in the Installed Content Packs tab in the Marketplace.

The Marketplace is updated every 2 hours.

In the Version History tab of a content pack, you can see the currently installed version, earlier versions, and available updates. You can revert to a previous version of a content pack if required.


Third party product Integrations are developed and tested against a specific product version. For products which are on-prem or cloud based with specific API versions, the version developed and tested against will be included in the integration's documentation. Newer versions of the product are not always immediately tested and it is expected that products maintain API compatibility upon release of newer product versions. When upgrading to a newer product version, it is highly recommended to test the integration in a dev environment before deploying to production.


Certified content packs are thoroughly reviewed by the team and pass a rigid set of requirements that ensure quality and that the pack consists of a complete use case.