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Create incident fields so you can add them to custom incident layouts.

Create incident fields so you add them to custom incident layouts.

You can create custom incident fields to:

  • Map raw JSON fields from incoming alerts.

  • Display custom fields data in the Incident table.

  • Create correlation rules that generate alerts from XQL queries and map the output of the queries to custom incident fields.

  • Design custom incident layouts that include custom incident fields.

To create a new custom incident field:
  1. Select SettingsConfigurationsObject SetupIncidentsFieldsNew Field.

  2. Choose a field type and enter a field name. For a description of available field types, see Incident field types. You can add an optional tooltip to provide users with information about the field.

    If adding a grid, see Create a grid field for an incident.

  3. Save your changes.

Custom incident fields can be exported and imported. To export a single custom incident field, right-click on the field in the fields table, and select Export. To export all custom incident fields in a single JSON file, click the Export All button above the fields table.

After a custom incident field is created, it can be edited, deleted, or exported by right-clicking on the row. The field name and field type cannot be changed after the field is created.