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Cortex XSIAM Administrator Guide

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Administrator Guide

Perform actions (create, edit, export, delete) and search for indicators on the Cortex XSIAM Threat Intel page.

After you have customized indicators and started ingesting indicators into Cortex XSIAM, you can create indicators, add indicators, extract indicators, export indicators, etc. The Cortex XSIAM Indicators page displays a table or summary view of all indicators, and enables you to perform several indicator actions.

You can perform the following actions on the Indicators page.



View and take action on an indicator

Click on an indicator to view and take action on indicator. You can view in detail the verdict, relationships, timeline, enrich indicators, etc.

Create a new indicator

Manually create a new indicator in the system.


Edit a single indicator or select multiple indicators to perform a bulk edit.

Delete and Exclude

Delete and exclude one or more indicators from all indicator types or from a subset of indicator types.

If you select the Do not add to exclusion list check box, the selected indicators are only deleted.


Export the selected indicators to a CSV file.

Export (STIX)

Export the selected indicators to a STIX file.

Upload a STIX file

Upload a STIX file and add the indicators from the file to the system.

Indicator Query

You can search for indicators using any of the available search fields. There are several search fields specific to indicators.




Search for the value of an indicator. If used with Contains, performs wildcard search. If used with =, performs exact lookup and searches Unit 42 as well.


Whether the indicator is Active or Expired.


The reputation of the indicator:

  • Malicious

  • Suspicious

  • Benign

  • Unknown

Has Related Alerts

Whether the indicator has related alerts


Whether an iIndicator has a detection rule associated with it.


Whether an indicator has a prevention rule associated with it.


Whether the indicator is part of an existing campaign.


Tags applied to indicators.

Aggregated Reliability

Searches for indicators based on a reliability score such as A - Completely reliable.


The source (script, manual, etc.) which last set the indicator's expiration status.


The type of the indicator, such as File, Email, etc.

You can use a wildcard query, which finds indicators containing terms that match the specified wildcard. For example, the * pattern matches any sequence of 0 or more characters, and ? matches any single character. For a regex query, use the following value: