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Cortex XSIAM Administrator Guide

Cortex XSIAM
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Administrator Guide

Cortex XSIAM provides visibility into the status and summary of licenses associated with your tenant.

You can view the license types and add-ons associated with your instance in SettingsCortex XSIAM License.

The Cortex XSIAM License dialog is made of the following sections.


For each license, displays a tile with the expiration date of your license and additional details specific to your license type:

  • Cortex XSIAM —Number of users, agents, and daily ingestion amount of agents.

  • Cortex XDR Cloud per Host—Total number of hosts collecting cloud-based data.

  • Cortex XDR Pro per Endpoint—Total number of installed agents in addition to the number and percentage of agents with Pro features enabled.

Endpoints Usage

The total number of installed agents and enabled data collection for endpoints and Cloud hosts.

XSIAM Daily Data Ingestion Usage

Link to the Data Ingestion dashboard which provides information about the type and amount of data ingested by Cortex XSIAM. You can determine which users can view this dashboard under SettingsConfigurationsAccess Management.


Displays a tile with specific details for each add-on associated with your instance. Hover over the information icon to view a list of all available add-ons including the start and expired dates.

For information on your data usage and storage license, select SettingsConfigurationsData ManagementDataset Management.

To keep you informed of updates made to your license and avoid service disruptions, Cortex XSIAM displays license notifications when you log in. The notification identifies any changes made to your license and describes any required actions.