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Cortex XSIAM Administrator Guide

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Administrator Guide

Learn more about assigning and managing roles and permissions of any particular user of Cortex XSIAM.

Role-based access control (RBAC) enables you to manage roles or specific permissions, and assign access rights to administrative users in the following areas in Cortex XSIAM , where the role options to configure change slightly depending on where you access these RBAC settings.

  • Gateway—Select Tenant NavigatorCortex GatewayPermission Management where you can define Permission Management for one or more tenants by selecting the Permissions and Roles subcategories.

  • Cortex XSIAM Access Management—Select Settings ConfigurationsAccess Management where you can define Access Management for a specific tenant by selecting the Users, Roles, and User Groups subcategories. In addition, you can also set manage user access permissions for the various Cortex Query Language (XQL) datasets as part of managing roles.

You can manage roles for all Cortex XSIAM apps and services. By assigning roles, you enforce the separation of viewing access and initiating actions among functional or regional areas of your organization. Cortex XSIAM provides a number of predefined Palo Alto Networks roles to assign access rights to Cortex XSIAM users.