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Learn more about the data freshness metrics collected by Cortex XSIAM.

Cortex XSIAM provides metrics that calculate the freshness of your ingested data and highlight delays in your data collection. The metrics calculate the freshness delay value by measuring the difference between log creation at the source (_TIME) and ingestion into Cortex XSIAM (_INSERT_TIME).

Metrics are collected and calculated per data source during five-minute aggregation periods and allocated into the following buckets. The recorded freshness delay value is the top value in the range of the bucket:

  • 0 to 30 seconds → 30 seconds

  • 30 to 60 seconds → 60 seconds

  • 60 seconds to 5 minutes → 300 seconds

  • 5 minutes to 1 hour → 3,600 seconds

  • 1 hour to 24 hours→ 86,400 seconds

  • 24 hours to week→ 604,800 seconds




Maximum freshness delay value among all log entries in an aggregation period.

This reflects the worst case.


Median freshness delay value among all log entries in an aggregation period.

50% of values are smaller than the median, and 50% of values are higher or equal to the median.


Ninetieth percentile of delay values among all log entries in an aggregation period.

This delay value is 90% higher than other log entry differences. It reflects the worst case, but eliminates the spikes.

The metrics are saved to the metrics_source dataset and also available in the metrics_view preset.


  • The max_delay metric is taken from the maximum bucket value with a restricted limit; therefore, metrics show whole numbers.

  • The median and ninetieth_percentile metrics are statistical calculations that give an approximation of the real value; therefore, metrics show decimal numbers.

  • Time slots with a zero log count or zero byte count display records with zero values. Subsequently, the data freshness metrics will also have zero values.

  • Timezone differences between _TIME and _INSERT_TIME might cause time skews with negative differences. Negative differences are rounded to zero values.