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Set the Cortex XDR agent as a Critical Environment (CE) version.

After you install the Cortex XDR agent and the agent registers with Cortex XSIAM, you can set endpoints to run with a Cortex XDR agent Critical Environment (CE) version.

CE versions are designed for sensitive and highly regulated environments, and do not contain all the updates and content existing in the standard version. Support is provided for CE versions for 24 months, while support for standard versions is provided for 9 months.


As CE versions do not contain all the updates and content existing in the standard version, we recommend restricting the use of these versions to the required minimum.

Setting an endpoint with a CE agent version requires you to define your Agent Configurations which then allows you to:

  • Create a CE Agent Installation Package

  • Define the upgrade and auto-upgrade Agent Settings Profile

To set a Cortex XDR agent CE version:

  1. Define your agent configuration.

    1. Navigate to SettingsConfigurationsAgent ConfigurationsCritical Environment Versions.

    2. Enable Critical Environment Versions to be Created and Installed in the Tenant.

  2. Track endpoints with CE Agent versions.

    Navigate to EndpointsAll Endpoints table and locate the Version Type field to view whether the endpoint is defined as a Standard or Critical Environment agent.