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Administrator Guide

View all external assets from the various asset categories in one place.

The Unified Asset Inventory page displays all aggregated assets according to their data sources.

Use the Unified Inventory (beta) toggle to switch from the existing asset inventory to the unified asset inventory. 

You can perform the following actions:

  • Click an aggregated asset to view detailed information.

  • Expand the asset to view the data sources that contribute to a single asset.

  • Click a data source to view detailed information.

How to filter assets
  • Click the filter icon to access the quick filter and search for specific assets.

    By default the filter is set to Source: XSIAM, to filter based on the attributes in the aggregated asset.

    To search based on data received from a specific source within an aggregated asset, filter by the specific data source. For example, select the source Cortex XDR Agent to filter based on the asset data provided.

    In all cases, a list of aggregated assets that match the filter is displayed.

The following is a list of the fields displayed on the Unified Asset Inventory page. The assets shown and their data depend on your licensing and add-ons.