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Authenticate Cortex XSIAM users when using the Customer Support Portal.

When you add users to your Customer Support Portal account, users are sent an invitation to join. After they accept, users can access the Cortex Gateway and tenants, but they cannot view any tenants in the Gateway and cannot view any data in the tenant unless they are assigned a direct role or user group role. Only Account Admins can make any changes in the Cortex Gateway.


You must be assigned the Super User role in the Customer Support Portal to add users in the Customer Support Portal.

The first Super User who logs into the Cortex Gateway is automatically assigned the Account Admin role and has access to the tenant. The user who activates the Cortex XSIAM tenant will also be assigned the Account Admin role (if there is no current Account Admin role) or Incident Admin (if there is an existing Account Admin role) and will have access to the tenant. Any additional users including Super Users need to be assigned access to the tenant.

When users log into the Cortex Gateway or the tenant they are prompted to sign into the Customer Support Portal using their username and password. This is the default method of authentication.


After users are added to the Customer Support Portal and they accept the invitation, you can manage them in the Cortex Gateway or the Cortex XSIAM tenant.

How to authenticate users through the Customer Support Portal
  1. Add users to your Customer Support Portal account, by logging into and doing one of the following:

    • In your Customer Support User Account, create users.

      1. On the left-hand side menu, select MembersCreate New User .

      2. Add the member details and click Submit.

        An email is sent to the user which must be accepted within seven days.

        For more detailed information including how to reset the invitation, see How a Super User Creates a New Customer Support Portal User Account.

    • Send an Account Registration Link.

      A registration link is generated by a Customer Support Portal account Super User and shared with users who need to create a login for access to the account.

      1. On the left-hand side menu, select Account ManagementAccount Details, and click User Access.

      2. In the Account Registration link, click Create.

      3. Copy and send the link to the users you want to add.

        When clicking the link, users are required to enter their registration details and submit them to the Customer Support Portal.

        After users have submitted their details, the Super User receives a notification that a user has been created.

      For more information about how to generate, regenerate, or disable a link, see How to Use the Account Registration Link.

  2. Log in to the Cortex Gateway.

    After the user accepts the invitation, you should now see the added users. You need to assign a role directly or add them to user groups in the Cortex Gateway or in the Cortex XSIAM tenant.