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Administrator Guide

Build customized dashboards to display and filter the information that is most relevant to you.

You can build custom dashboards based on predefined dashboard templates, or you can build a new dashboard from scratch.

  1. Select Dashboards & ReportsCustomizeDashboards Manager+ New Dashboard.

  2. In the Dashboard Builder, under Dashboard Name enter a unique name for the dashboard.

  3. Under Dashboard Type, choose a built-in dashboard template or a blank template, and click Next.

  4. Customize your dashboard.

    To get a feel for how the data will look, Cortex XSIAM provides mock data. To see how the dashboard would look with real data in your environment, change the toggle to Real Data.

  5. Add widgets to the dashboard. From the widget library, drag widgets on to the dashboard.

  6. (Optional) Configure fixed filters and inputs.


    This feature requires a Cortex XDR Pro or Cortex XSIAM license.

  7. (Optional) Configure dashboard drilldowns.


    This feature requires a Cortex XDR Pro or Cortex XSIAM license.

  8. Under Time Range, set a time range for your dashboard.

    By default, the widgets use the dashboard time frame. You can change the widget time frame from the widget menu.

  9. When you have finished customizing your dashboard, click Next.

  10. To set the custom dashboard as your default dashboard, select Define as default dashboard.

  11. To keep this dashboard visible only for you, select Private.

    Otherwise, the dashboard is public and visible to all Cortex XSIAM users with the appropriate roles to view dashboards.

  12. Click Generate to complete your dashboard.