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By default, Podman uses the $HOME/.local/share/containers/storage directory. To use a different directory for container storage, edit the Podman config file located at /home/demisto/.config/containers/storage.conf. If the Podman config file does not exist, you need to create it and change the ownership.

The new storage directory needs to be owned by the demisto user, otherwise they will be denied access to it.

Do not use NAS storage for the $HOME directory. The directory needs to be a local directory for Podman to work.


We recommend reserving 150 GB for container storage, either in the /home partition or a different storage directory that you have set using the rootless_storage_path key.

  1. If the Podman config file does not exist:

    1. Create the Podman config file.

      cp /etc/containers/storage.conf /home/demisto/.config/containers

    2. Change the ownership of the Podman config file.

      chown demisto:demisto /home/demisto/.config/containers/storage.conf

  2. To set a different directory for container storage, change the key: rootless_storage_path in the storage.conf file. For example, rootless_storage_path=/var/lib/containers/$USER/storage

  3. To assign the demisto user ownership of the new storage directory, on the Linux command line, run chown -R demisto:demisto <NEW-LOCATION>.