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Dashboards consist of visualized data powered by fully customizable widgets, which enable you to analyze data from inside or outside Cortex XSIAM, in different formats such as graphs, pie charts, or text. Cortex XSIAM displays the predefined dashboards when you log in. You can also create custom dashboards that are based on the predefined dashboards, or built to your specifications, and you can save any of your dashboards as reports.

Cortex XSIAM also provides Command Center dashboards that display interactive overviews of your system activity, with drilldowns to additional dashboards and associated pages.

From the Dashboard & Reports menu, you can view and manage your dashboards and reports from the dashboard and incidents table, and view alert exclusions.

  • Dashboard: Provides dashboards that you can use to view high-level statistics about your agents and incidents.

  • Reports: View all the reports that Cortex XSIAM administrators have run.

  • Customize: Create and manage a new dashboard and reports.

    • Dashboards Manager: Add new dashboards with customized widgets to surface the statistics that matter to you most.

    • Reports Templates: Build reports using pre-defined templates, or customize a report. Reports can be generated on-demand scheduled.

    • Widget Library: Search, view, edit, and create widgets based on predefined widgets and user-created custom widgets.