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Gain additional verification on key artifacts by integrating Cortex XSIAM with other Palo Alto Networks and third-party security products.

You can integrate external threat intelligence services with Cortex XSIAM that provide additional verification sources for each key artifact in an incident. Cortex XSIAM supports the following integrations:




Cortex XSIAM automatically includes WildFire threat intelligence in the incident and alert investigation.

WildFire detects known and unknown threats, such as malware. The WildFire verdict contains detailed insights into the behavior of identified threats. The WildFire verdict is displayed next to relevant Key Artifacts in the incidents details page. See Review WildFire Analysis Details for more information.Review WildFire Analysis Details


VirusTotal provides aggregated results from over 70 antivirus scanners, domain services included in the block list, and user contributions. The VirusTotal score is represented as a fraction. For example, a score of 34/52 means out of 52 queried services, 34 services determined the artifact to be malicious.

To view VirusTotal threat intelligence in Cortex XSIAM incidents, you must obtain the license key for the service and add it to the Cortex XSIAM Configuration. When you add the service, the relevant VirusTotal (VT) score is displayed in the incident details page under Key Artifacts.



Third-party ticketing systems

To manage incidents from the application of your choice, you can use the Cortex XSIAM API Reference to send alerts and alert details to an external receiver. After you generate your API key and set up the API to query Cortex XSIAM, external apps can receive incident updates, request additional data about incidents, and make changes such as setting the status and changing the severity or assigning an owner. To get started, see the Cortex XDR API Reference guide.