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Install, delete, update, and revert content packs.

You can install, delete, update, and revert content packs. Before you install a content pack you should review the content pack to see what it includes and what are the various dependencies. Following is the information you can view:

  • Details: General information about the content pack such as installation, content, version, author, and status.

  • Content: The content to be installed, such as scripts or integrations.

  • Dependencies: Details of any required content packs and optional content packs that may need to be installed with your content pack.

  • Version History: View the currently installed version, earlier versions, available updates, and revert if required.


In Cortex XSIAM content packs, some objects are dependent on other objects. For example, an alert may be dependent on a playbook, an alert type, and an alert field. A script may be dependent on another script, or an integration. When you place a content pack in your cart, mandatory dependencies including  required content packs are added automatically to ensure that the content pack installs correctly.

Optional content packs are used by the content pack you want to install but are not necessary for installation. When you place a content pack in your cart, you can choose which optional content pack to install. When you install optional content packs, mandatory dependencies in the optional content pack are automatically included.