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An email account or a syslog receiver are the notification channels through which the Management Audit log is communicated.

Cortex XSIAM forwards the Management Audit log to these external data sources:

  • Email account: Sent according to the settings you configured

  • Syslog receiver: Sent in a CEF format RFC 5425 according to the following mapping:



    Syslog header

    <9>: PRI (considered a prioirty field)1: version number2020-03-22T07:55:07.964311Z: timestamp of when alert/log was sentcortexxdr: host name

    CEF header

    HEADER/Vendor="Palo Alto Networks" (as a constant string)HEADER/Device Product="Cortex XDR" (as a constant string)HEADER/Device Version= Cortex XDR version (2.0/2.1....)HEADER/HEADER/Severity=(integer/0 - Unknown, 6 - Low, 8 - Medium, 9 - High)HEADER/Device Event Class ID="Management Audit Logs" (as a constant string)HEADER/name = type

    CEF body

    suser=user end=timestamp externalId=external_id cs1Label=email (constant string) cs1=user_mail cs2Label=subtype (constant string) cs2=subtype cs3Label=result (constant string) cs3=result cs4Label=reason (constant string) cs4=reason msg=event_description tenantname=tenant_name tenantCDLid=tenant_id CSPaccountname=csp_id

Example 7. 
3/18/2012:05:17.567 PM<14>1 2020-03-18T12:05:17.567590Z cortexxdr - - - CEF:0|Palo Alto Networks|Cortex XDR|Cortex XDR x.x |Management Audit Logs|REPORTING|6|suser=test end=1584533117501 externalId=5820 cs1Label=email cs2Label=subtype cs2=Slack Report cs3Label=result cs3=SUCCESS cs4Label=reason cs4=None msg=Slack report 'scheduled_1584533112442' ID 00 to ['CUXM741BK', 'C01022YU00L', 'CV51Y1E2X', 'CRK3VASN9'] tenantname=test tenantCDLid=11111 CSPaccountname=00000