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Administrator Guide

You can edit the engine configuration by either modifying the d1.conf file on the engine, or in Cortex XSOAR by modifying specific properties in the JSON formatted configuration dialog box (Shell installations only).

  1. Modify the d1.conf file.

    1. On the machine on which you installed the Engine, navigate to the d1.conf file:

      Installation Type


      RPM, DEB, Shell


      If using multiple engines, the location is /usr/local/demisto/<name of the engine>. For example, /usr/local/demisto/d1_e1


      Same folder as the binary.

    2. Modify the file as required. See Common Properties When Editing an Engine Configuration.

      You can Configure the Engine to Use a Web Proxy or Configure the Engine to Call the Server Without Using a Proxy.

  2. Modify the configuration in Cortex XSOAR.

    Ensure that the data is in JSON format. The properties that you specify override the values defined in the d1.conf file. A use case for modifying the engine configuration is if you want to generate engine logs for a specific log level.

    1. From the engines table, select the engine for which you want to modify the configuration.

    2. Click Edit Configuration.

    3. In the JSON formatted configuration dialog box, modify the properties as required. For more information, see Common Properties When Editing an Engine Configuration.