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Download Cortex XSOAR Marketplace content packs and then upload offline to install on a machine without an internet connection (air gapped).

Generally, you need an internet connection when downloading and subscribing to content packs in the Marketplace, as all of these services are in the cloud.

However, you can download content packs on a machine that has internet access and transfer them to a machine (without an internet connection) to the Marketplace, by doing one of the following:

  • Install individual content packs by going to the Marketplace, and select the relevant content packs to download.

  • Use the download_packs_and_docker_images script to download individual content packs and docker images.

All content pack dependencies are included.

Before you begin, it is recommended that you Configure the Marketplace for Offline Installation in order to maximize performance.

  1. Install individual content packs.

    1. Go to Cortex XSOAR Developer Marketplace.

      The Cortex XSOAR Developer Marketplace contains the same content packs that you can install in Cortex XSOAR.

    2. Click the content pack to download, as required.

    3. Click Download with Dependencies.

  2. Go to Marketplace, click market-gear.png and then select Upload Content Packs.

  3. Upload the relevant file.