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Administrator Guide

Cortex XSOAR Marketplace is the central location for installing, exchanging, contributing, and managing all of your content, including playbooks, integrations, scripts, fields, layouts, and more.

Marketplace allows you to easily:

  • Leverage content from the largest SOAR community: Continuously extend Cortex XSOAR with proven use cases contributed by SecOps users and SOAR partners.

  • Discover top rated, validated content: Identify the best premium and free content offerings recommended by your peers and validated by the world’s leading cybersecurity company. Discover how to increase automation with the tools that you already have and browse through community best practices.

  • Solve your toughest security use cases: Deploy turnkey security workflows that span integrations, playbooks, dashboard layouts, and reports with a single click.

The essence of Marketplace is to build a strong community with other security professionals by easily exchanging content. You can explore the latest trends from Cortex XSOAR and other contributors and test drive use cases all within your Cortex XSOAR platform.

Marketplace Content Packs

Marketplace content packs are pre-built bundles of integrations, playbooks, dashboards, fields, subscription services, and all the dependencies needed to support specific security orchestration use cases. Content packs fall into the following categories:

  • Free Content Packs: Can be used by all customers and contain any of the following elements: technology integrations, playbooks, dashboards and automation scripts.

  • Premium Content Packs: Contains elements that enhance the functionality of a base pack such as complex playbooks, detailed automation scripts, premium dashboards or reports. If the pack is dependent on third-party software or services, you need to use your own license to enable functionality. Mandatory dependencies are found in the content pack Details tab.

  • Premium Resell Packs: Enable SaaS products or services via an API key and may provide functionality of other Marketplace content. These packs may also have added functionality built-in and are delivered as a bundled solution.

When you subscribe to premium packs, you use Marketplace points that you buy upfront and are available in your Cortex XSOAR account. You can view the monthly cost of each premium pack in the BROWSE tab.


To install a premium pack, you need access to Cortex XSOAR Marketplace and have sufficient points in your account.


All premium packs come with a 30-day free trial that does not require points in your account.