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Cortex XSOAR Marketplace premium content packs enable you to subscribe to premium content on a monthly basis. To give you purchasing flexibility by moving to a term-based model, the Marketplace offers a feature called Private Offer.

Private Offer enables Cortex XSOAR users to subscribe to premium content packs with customized, upfront term lengths and discounts. Additional benefits include:

  • Streamlines acquiring third party solutions that immediately enhance the value of your Cortex XSOAR investment by using a single sales process for purchasing multiple solutions.

  • Specifies terms that align with your buying cycle and budget.

  • Support from your Palo Alto Networks team through the Private Offer process, such as negotiating adequate deal terms, contracting process, etc.

  • Simplifies the subscription and activation process of premium packs:

    • Marketplace points required to fulfill contracted term are purchased upfront.

    • Content packs are automatically activated for contracted term length

How Does Private Offer Work?

To ensure as seamless an experience as possible, a simplified process for Private Offer has been created. Cortex XSOAR customers have the ability to request a Private Offer directly within the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace user interface by clicking Request Private Offer located in designated premium content packs.


To request customized deals with Cortex XSOAR partners, follow these steps:

  1. Click Request Private Offer in the Marketplace listing and fill out the request form with the details of requested terms.

  2. The Cortex sales team will reach out to discuss the offer request, validate requirements, and make any recommendations.

  3. The Cortex team will work with the partner to build a custom offer tailored to meet your requirements and requested terms.

  4. After the offer has been finalized, you will be sent a quote with the offer details.

  5. Upon purchasing the custom solution:

    • The purchased Marketplace points are added to your customer account.

    • The Private Offer terms and Partner EULA are emailed to you to review and accept.

  6. After the terms of the offer have been accepted:

    • The points required to fulfill the premium content pack’s contracted term length are deducted from your Marketplace account.

    • The premium content pack is automatically activated for the contracted term length.

    • The partner is notified to finalize their product activation process.

  7. Within 24 hours, the partner sends you the API key and any relevant documentation for their solution.

Through the Private Offer process, the Cortex team will engage with the Partner, as needed, to ensure your needs and requirements are fully validated with the requested solution.