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Private Offer Details
  1. Does a Private Offer user Cortex XSOAR Marketplace points?

    Yes, Marketplace points must be used to purchase premium content pack subscriptions. Learn more about Marketplace points.

  2. Are all premium content packs available for Private Offer?

    Any premium content pack listing with Request Private Offer button is available for Private Offer. Not all premium content packs have this option.

  3. Can I purchase multiple packs through a single Private Offer?

    Yes! If you are interested in multiple premium content packs, your Cortex representative will work with you to validate your requirements to ensure the proposed solution meets your needs. If you are interested in content packs from multiple technology partners, there will be a separate Private Offer Agreement for each partner, but your Cortex representative will work with our internal teams to ensure a streamlined contracting process.

  4. Can my trial license be converted to a Private Offer?

    Yes, any trial license whose content pack has the Private Offer designation can be converted to a Private Offer. If interested, fill out this request form and your Cortex representative will contact you to discuss.

  5. How do we accept the offer?

    After you have purchased the points needed to fulfill the contracted term length, you will be sent a confirmation email with links to accept the Private Offer terms and Partner EULA via a simple form and click thru process.

  6. Are Private Offers binding?

    Requesting a Private Offer is not binding and there is no commitment to purchase the Offer. The Offer only becomes binding after you accept the terms of the agreement.

Engaging with your Sales Team
  1. Who should I speak to if I’m interested in a Private Offer?

    We want the Private Offer process to be as simple and streamlined as possible for our customers. Whether you learned about Private Offer directly from Palo Alto Networks or through one of our Cortex XSOAR Technology Partners, your Cortex sales representative will be your main point of contact throughout the Private Offer process.

  2. I’m interested in a Private Offer, what now?

    • Want to learn more about our premium packs or know which packs you are interested in? Fill out this request form and a Cortex expert will contact you.

    • If you spoke to one of our Cortex XSOAR Tech partners and are interested in a Private Offer, the tech partner will notify our team with the details of your request. Your Cortex representative will then contact you to discuss your needs and validate your requirements.

  3. I’m interested in making a Private Offer. Do I need to own Cortex XSOAR?

    Private Offers are only available to current XSOAR customers. If you are not an XSOAR customer yet, please contact your Palo Alto Networks sales representative. Or, start a Free Trial today!

  4. Can we get proof of the offer before we accept it?

    Yes, the final Private Offer agreement that has been signed by the Partner and PANW can be shared. Please speak with your Cortex representative regarding your request.

Expired Private Offers
  1. Does a Private Offer expire?

    Yes. Once the terms of the Private Offer have been validated and approved, an agreement is signed by the Partner and is valid and obligates the Partner for a period of 90 days. If you do not accept the terms within that 90 day timeframe, the Private Offer will expire.

  2. What if we want to move forward after the Private Offer has expired?

    Please contact your Cortex representative to discuss and they will work with you to initiate a new Private Offer agreement.

  1. Who do I contact for help?

    For any questions or issue throughout the Private Offer process, don’t hesitate to reach out to